Best of 2018 Makeup Trends


In this article, we bring you Best of 2018 Makeup trends and some advice that could help you in your makeup selection.

World of cosmetics is changing year after year and the first half of 2018 has already passed so we can definitely say that UltraViolet is the color of the year, which was confirmed by many celebrities and events.

But why is this year so special?

The answer is: „Because 2018. is all about individuality.“

This year we are using new textures and colors and showing our natural beauty.

Here are our top 5 Makeup trends of this year:

1.) Pantone Eyeshadows (Violet, Pink, Purple, Burgundy)

Pantone eyeshadows always look great and you do not have to put a lot of makeup on your eyes to highlight them.

Eyeshadow and a little bit of mascara are enough for natural makeup look, especially in the summer months when it is too hot and we want to use the least possibleamount of makeup to get the wanted look.

2.) Bright Lips (Red, Orange, Fuchsia)

Bright lipstick is the main thing in every woman’s purse. 

If you don’t have enough time for makeup, just try to point out lips.

Red, orange, and fuchsia are just some of the many beautiful colors which are popular nowadays.

Bright lips in combination with mascara are enough for a basic look.

3.) Coloured Upside-down Liner

Coloured upside-down liner is definitely one of the best ways to point out the beauty of your eyes.

By using a colored eyeliner you can emphasize the top or the bottom of your eyes. Or maybe both of them,  there are no rules.

Find your color and make your perfect combination.

4.) High-shine Highlighter

Highlighter gives a glow and freshness to the skin. Good places for putting highlighter are:

1. Forehead
2. Under or above the eyebrow bow
3. The inner corner of the eye
4. On the top of cheeks
5. Along the nose
6. Above the middle of the lip
7. Middle of the beard

5.) Textured Eyebrows

A trend of the eyebrows plucking has been popular for many years, but finally came the trend of showing our eyebrows in their natural edition.

Textured eyebrows are easy to achieve and they look great on any face type.

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