2019 Hair Trends

2019 Hair trends

The new year is coming, and for the last days, we are thinking about hair color trends and hairstyles of 2019. We have less than two weeks to the beginning of 2019., but we already know which trends will fascinate us.

Time and trends are changing, so be ready and discover what awaits us in new 2019.

2019 Hair Color Trends

Chestnut brown and gold hair

Miranda Kerr is already glowing with this color idea. This styling is perfect if you want to add a little bit of change to your boring brunette style.

Yellow tones

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear yellow hair is failed blonde hairstyle. But not in 2019. Yellow color idea is something quite different.

It’s a warm shade and definitely catches the eyes.

The yellow color is easy to achieve for every blonde. If you are looking for a change, this color will refresh your look.

Purple hair color ideas

Purple is a color of 2018, but it doesn’t mean we won’t bring it in 2019.

This hair color is very dominant.  Purple color has a mystical and mysterious effect.

Replace your brunette look with shades of purple. There are so many different variations you can try.

Dark roots on blonde hair

Two-tone hair trend made dark roots in blonde hair acceptable. You don’t have to hide hair near the roots anymore.

Now you can refresh your look without too much effort.

If you have light hair you will easily achieve the wanted look. Dark roots have become the best hair color trend in the world of celebrities.

Rose gold hair colors

Rose gold hair colors are the greatest obsession for this year. This color gives romantic look to your hair. Just as with the yellow or pastel pink, you will be noticed in the mass.

There are so many different tones, from the brighter to darker.

Rock your rose gold hair color!

Chocolate brown hair color

Chocolate Brown is a beautiful shade and because o fit, you will fall in love with brown hair

This color is the favorite color of influencers and one of the most wanted beauty trends in the past decade.

No matter if your hair is naturally light brown when you can try temporary colors and toppings for hair.

Chocolate Brown color will give glow and warm undertone to your hair.

You can’t make a mistake with chocolate brown.

Red hair color idea

Redheads from nineties are back.

Red-haired women always stand out from the mass and radiate with confidence and fun. Show your energy with hair color.

2019 Hairstyle Trends

Straight hairstyle

Pull out hair straighteners from the drawers because super straight hair will be one of the top trends in 2019.

This hairstyle is generally recommended only if your hair looks healthy, so if your hair is thin and dry, don’t exaggerate.

Messy bun with bangs

This hairstyle is for any event. Messy bun with bangs is romantic and you will definitely look relaxed with this hairstyle.

Ultra long hair

This hairstyle is definitely hard to achieve. So if you have strong and healthy hair, it’s time to show up straightness of your hair.

Volume hairstyle

Voluminous hair will never go out of style. It gives a sexy and glamorous look.  You will be noticed with this luxury style.

‘Rumpled’ hair

Kylie Jenner is a big fan of rumpled hair. This hairstyle is easy to achieve and it’s perfect for everyday obligations.

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