What is Acne and What Causes It?

Have you ever wondered what is acne and what causes it?

Or how can you get rid of it?

Discover 8 essentials how to reduce acne inflammation and 13 natural treatments of acne.

What is Acne ?

In the industrial world, acne is a common skin disease that occurs most often during puberty. Some people get acnein later ages.

Acne are caused by an irregular work of sebaceous glands and follicles. During the puberty androgen levels increase. That originate sebaceous glands on the extraction of a larger amount of fat.

Increased accumulation of fat narrows the hole of sebaceous glands. It doesn’t allow fats to exit.
Because of that, it comes to the growths of an inflammatory process.

What Causes Acne ?

The most common bacteria which is feeding on fat is Propionibacterium acnes. It leads to acnedevelopment.

Some of the causes of acne can be an improper diet that contains too many carbohydrates, smoking, touching your face, makeup that clogs the pores and exposure to stress.

On some people, acne disappears spontaneously after puberty.

If you see the situation is getting out of hand and you have more acne, my advice is to visit a dermatologist.

He is specialized in acne and will tell you exactly what you need to do. He may prescribe you anantibiotic if there is no other way you can get rid of acne.

Be sure to go and consult with him.

Here are 8 Essentials How to Reduce Acne Inflammation:

1.)  Change your hygiene routine. The problem can be in the way you wash your face and remove your makeup.

2.)  Use warm water and special preparations for cleaning. Too hot or cold temperatures can worsen the acne.

3.)  Let pimples heal naturally (extrusion may worsen the situation and lead to scarring).

4.)  Remove make-up at the end of each day.

5.)  Do not use too heavy or acidic pH preparations for skin.

6.)  Before applying a facial mask on your face, hold a warm moist towel – it will open the pores and mask will reach the skin better.

7.)  If you don’t know how to get rid of acne on the skin, do not apply heavy makeup that will completely close your pores. If the skin can not breathe, toxins will be piling up and the skin will only look worse.

8.)  Don’t squeeze your acne. Squeezing acne can cause further infection and damage the nerves in the face.

Before you decide on getting different preparations that are expensive, try to find a solution in nature.

13 Natural Treatments of Acne:

1.) Tea made from parsley

Tea made from parsley will help you get rid of unwanted toxins from the body and skin.

It will clear your skin of acne or subcutaneous pimples.

Parsley tea will strengthen your hair and nails too.

You can combine parsley and nettle tea.

2.) Ice

Ice is perfect for treating skin inflammation.

It will reduce the inflammation and the burning sensation.

Put a few ice cubes in a cloth rag and hold it against an inflamed area for a few minutes until the inflammation reduces.

3.) Cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon has excellent healing properties.

Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and three teaspoons of honey.

Put the mixture on each pimple before going to sleep.

Do this for three weeks and you will see a difference.

Your skin will become clearer and softer.

4.) Lemon juice

This is definitely an effective method.

Wash your face with lemon juice every morning for 10 days and you will purify your face.

Look out if you have sensitive skin, you need to put more water in your lemon juice so your skin doesn’t get damaged.

It will help to get toxins out of the skin.

5.) Sea salt

Boil 3 dl of water and add a teaspoon of sea salt.

Clean your face with this solution every evening.

Soak a cotton pad in this water and gently clean your face.

In this way, you will dry your acne and your skin will be less oily.

6.) Apple cider vinegar

This is an old cure for acne.

Boil 0,5 l of water and when it cools, add 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar.

Every evening apply this solution on your face with a cotton pad.

Apple cider vinegar will prevent the development of bacteria.

7.) Propolis

Propolis is a resinous mixture that bees collect from the buds of trees, vegetable juices or other plant sources.

You need to use it twice a day for effective results.

Put the propolis on problematic areas of the skin in the morning and evening.

You can combine honey and propolis.

8.) Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that we can use for healing and beautification.

It comes from Africa.

The procedure is simple, you just need to spread the fresh juice of aloe vera on your acne.

9.) Fresh cucumber

The mask of fresh cucumber cleans face and soothe inflammation of the skin.

10.) Juice of papaya

You should apply juice of papaya with cotton pads and leave it on the skin for 10 minutes, and then wash it with warm water.

11.) Marigold

It is known that this plant has antiseptic activity.

The pharmaceutical industry uses marigold in medicine for skin diseases and skin care.

If you want to get rid of acne, clean your face with marigold tea twice a day.

12.) Oregano oil

Put a few drops of oregano oil in your facial cleanser.

After cleaning put oregano oil directly on the pimple.

13.) Nettle tea

Nettle tea is very effective in the fight against acne. Drink four cups a day for noticeable improvement.

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