What is Lash Lift? – Amazing Treatment for Your Lashes

Lash Lift

Lash lift is a method for beautiful and well-cared eyelashes.

There are many ways how can you highlight your eyes. Some of them are mascara, false lashes, extensions, eyeshadows, eyeliner…

The easiest way to emphasize eyelashes is a mascara. But the mascara slowly goes into oblivion and women decide on new methods.

You can forget the black spots under the eye caused by a mascara melting away from the summer heat. Your lashes will feel free and beautiful with this new method.

Lash lift is a treatment which curls your lashes with keratin. It becomes more and more popular. It’s an easier method than putting false lashes, cheaper and looks natural.

The lash lift does exactly what its name says.

Lash lift lifts and curls your eyelashes and give definition to them.

You can combine lash lift with coloring, in that way, your lashes will become darker and emphasized.

If you have long lashes, you will not even need mascara. This treatment will lengthen and curl your eyelashes. But you need to know that results will be less visible in people with very short eyelashes.

How Long Does Eyelash Lift Last?

The treatment takes about 60 minutes but result are visible immediately and the effect lasts for 6-8 weeks. It depends on the speed of growth of your eyelashes.

This treatment can be done after eyelashes extension, but you need to wait 48 hours so your eyes can take a break from the glue.

The process of treatment is simpler and shorter than applying extensions.

Preparation for Lash Lift Treatment

First, we need to clean the lashes clean from dirt and makeup.

You can do that with protein cotton wool. In that wa we will move all the greasiness from your eyelashes and lids.

After that we need to cover the lower eyelashes, otherwise, they will be curled too. We can cover them with collagen pillows.

Then, we paste silicon pillow on the upper lid. We choose them depending on the natural length of the lashes and toward the wanted effect.

Before the treatment, you should check the products which your beautician uses to make sure you aren’t allergic to something.

Be careful, because the eyes are the most sensitive organ. So it’s important what kind of products are safe for your eyes.

Lash Lift Process

On the root of the upper eyelids will be applied product with keratin. It has to be on eyes for 10 minutes. For that time, it’s important that your eyes are closed and that you don’t blink.

After that, lotion will be applied on your lashes so they stayed upraised longer.

It this period, you can apply color to your eyelashes. If you choose that, then the botox for lashes will be applied too.

After the treatment, it’s necessary to apply lotion with nourishing oil or lotion. It will soften your lashes and enable the easier silicon moving.

Keratin moves from the lashes with cotton ear sticks.

Eyelashes care tips after lash lift treatment:

The first 24 hours after the lash lift treatment don’t wet your lashes and avoid using the sauna or solarium.

Try not to use mascara and don’t touch your lashes. In this way, you will enable keratin to continue the development for longer life of your eyelashes.

Don’t use oils and natural preparations for eyelashes. On that way, you might reduce the effect of Lash Lift.

Lash Lift Costs

Today is the price of lash lift similar to the price of extensions. It depends on the beauty center so the prices are from $75 to $200.

Lash Lift Before and After

Here are few photos of lashes before and after lash lift treatment.

Lash Lift
Lash Lift Treatment
Lash Lift Photo

Lash Lift vs Extensions

Lash lift looks more natural then extensions. Both treatments are used to make lashes longer and fuller but they work differently.

In extensions, we glue false eyelash or bunch of the eyelashes to the root of natural lashes. In that wa we extend them and give them the density.

Lash lift achieves the effect of curled eyelashes without artificial additives.

The effect of extension can be from natural to ultra thick.

Extensions highlight eyes, have the effect of mascara and replace daily use of make-up.

Applying extensions is a job for a professional artist. So don’t economize, otherwise, you wouldn’t want your lashes to look clumpy.

When you have extensions, you don’t need to use mascara anymore. It will look like you have mascara 24 hours a day.

In this way, you will save your time. But if you do not like artificial effect on the eyes, a better choice for you is the Lash Lift. It will also save you time because you will not have to use an eyelash curler anymore.

Lash Lift vs Lash Perm

Lash perms are perfect for women with long eyelashes and wide open eyes.

This process will slightly reduce the length of eyelashes. If you have short eyelashes, you could be disappointed with this treatment.

The difference between lash lift and lash perm is that the lash lift will lift your lashes up and the lash perm will curl your lashes.

Lash Lift instructions – do it by yourself

If you are brave enough and you have some experience with doing lashes you can make a lash lift at home.

Check this YouTube video and find out how Annie made her lashes at home.


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